RULES TeamSpeak

  1. Channel hopping is not allowed.
  2. The recording of conversations is only allowed after consultation with the users present in the channel. If a user does not agree, a recording of the conversation is prohibited.
    If an active recording is not recognizable for others, the channel should be named accordingly.
  3. If you are away for too long, use the AFK channels. In the case of a shorter absence, a short logout in the channel is sufficient.
  4. A kick or ban is never unfounded and should encourage reflection on one’s own behavior. Inappropriate kicks and bans have to be reported.
  5. The rights always serve a specific purpose. If you need rights, you can contact the administration (the respective persons are marked accordingly).
  6. Disturbing background noises (echo, loud music etc.) should be suppressed as much as possible.
  7. It is not permitted to upload pornographic, racist or legally protected material and/or to exchange it with other users.
  8. Spamming the channels with images (especially GIF’s) is not allowed[1].
  9. Every digital attack against this server (DDOS etc.) is punishable and can be prosecuted.

If one or more rules are disregarded, the penalty will be calculated according to the offense.

[1] This does not apply to the members of the „TrainBros GmbH“ in the management of their assigned channels.

Last change: Thursday, 22.12.2016 at 14:45

Subject to change.

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